Sunday, March 11, 2018


Telephone with Swell Sitter

Saying Goodbye to Bently

Today our neighbor Bently had his farewell gathering. His parents were attending him along with a lot of support. Jett was going to join, but Matthew was very insistent that Jett stay with him.

We decided to pack as much fun and adventure as possible into the day.

We started out with all the neighbors over. Don't be fooled this photo was taken and it was 2.5 min of them eating popcorn then deciding TV wasn't an option. It was also the only 2 min where all 5 were in the same room.

We had a blast. And because of miscommunication we almost missed our play time. But we made it to the Science Center 15 min before closing.

Then to Donut King for the largest donuts ever. Followed by dinner and 2 hours of play (and nap time) at Chick-fil-A.

Then home singing down by the bay, and book time. By the time.e Chad and Christina returned the kids were exausted and begging for bed.